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Technical Parameters: 1、The whole casting structure of  the bed,  not easy to deform, ensure long time stability. 2、With the fine-tuning device, can adjust the roller table easily. 3、Feed end with double feed roller, feeding more reliable, more stable. 4、Table with double column lifting, to ensure the precision of timber planing. 5、According to the thickness of the wood, it can be used to set the lifting dimensions   型号规格 Model specifications QDM406 ...

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    Morbi technica:
    I, telorum omnis structura lectus facile deformare diu curare stabilitatem.
    II: Cum denique-tuning de fabrica, can facile adjust in cylindro mensam.
    III: Pasce agnos feed cylindro finis est duplex, semetipsos pascentes laudatorem locupletiorem, magis firmum.
    IV, cum duplici tabula columna elevans manus curare, ad praecisionem ligna planing.
    V, a crassitudine Secundum lignum est, potest adhiberi ad Dominum clamavi voce dimensionibus


    型号 规格 model cubits QDM406 QDM508 QDM635
    工作台 面积 Operationis mensam magnitudine DCCX 435mm * DCCX 539mm * DCCL 661mm *
    最大 刨 宽 width Max.working 406mm 508mm 635mm
    刨 厚 范围 processus range 3-167mm 3-167mm 3-167mm
    最大 刨 深 Max. opus tuickness 5mm 6mm 6mm
    最小 刨 长 longitudo Min.working 220mm 140mm 160mm
    主轴 转速 celeritate adprehenderunt fusum 6000rpm 6000rpm 6000rpm
    送 料 速度 celeritate Insecta 0-25m / min 0-25m / min 0-25m / min
    刀 轴 电机 功率 Virtus electam ferro motricium 5.5kw / 1400r / min 5.5kw / 1400r / min 7.5kw / 1400r / min
    送 料 电机 功率 Motricium potentia pascere 1.1kw / 1400r / min 1.1kw / 1400r / min 1.1kw / 1400r / min
    升降 电机 功率 Cum sublevasset potentia motricium 0.37kw / 960r / min 0.37kw / 960r / min 0.37kw / 960r / min
    净重 Net pondus 480kg 580kg 680kg
    毛重 crassa pondus 532kg 635kg 735kg
    装箱 尺寸 sarcina magnitudine * * CM MCD 1200mm MD * * ML 1200mm * * MDL MCL 1200mm

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